Window AC Repair and Installation in Yakima Valley

Did you start your window air conditioner for the first time in warmer weather, only to find out it’s not working? Indoor Air Solutions provides HVAC services for all brands and styles of systems, including window air conditioners. We offer quality, affordable services in Yakima, Selah, Union Gap, Naches, Wapato, and Toppenish. Contact us to schedule window AC repair or installation in Yakima Valley today:

Is Your Window AC Unit Ready for Summer?

Budget-friendly window units offer a popular solution for small homes, rooms, and outbuildings. Though smaller, window AC units work similarly to central AC to remove heat and humidity from the air and require similar care. Regular window AC maintenance is crucial to ensure the window air conditioner at your Yakima Valley home or business gives peak performance throughout the summer. A window air conditioner typically lasts 4-5 years, but you can double its lifespan with proper care.

Always unplug and inspect your system before seasonal use. Clean or replace the air filter according to manufacturer recommendations. Vacuum the evaporator and condenser coils or schedule professional maintenance for more thorough cleaning. Dirty, clogged filters and coils force the unit to work harder to cool, using more energy. Adjust bent coil fins with a fin-straightening comb. Inspect seals to ensure no cooled air escapes outside and remove airflow obstructions surrounding vents.

Fix Common Window AC Problems Fast

When regular maintenance isn’t enough, or you can’t figure out how to repair a window air conditioner, our Yakima Valley HVAC company can help. We can provide fast, lasting window air conditioner repairs for many common problems:

  • Window AC won’t turn on, cycles frequently, or blows warm air
  • Improper refrigerant level
  • Dirty air filter, evaporator, or condenser coils
  • Bad smells and strange noises
  • Ice on window AC unit
  • Thermostat issues

Window Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

Window units are surprisingly heavy – don’t risk damage and injury – we can help! When your old window unit stops functioning, or you need additional cooling power, we can install a new air conditioner for your Yakima Valley home or business. Our knowledgeable AC technicians can assist you with selecting the right size system to ensure optimal comfort without overspending. You can count on our window air conditioner installers for fast, seamless installation.

Our AC contractors in Yakima Valley know exactly how to adjust panels to prevent movement and ensure a secure installation so your unit stays in place in inclement weather and keeps cool air contained. We’ll also angle the air conditioner to facilitate proper drainage and prevent leaks and water damage in your home or business. We can also assist with wall installation and addressing electrical needs, ensuring ideal placement and safe, lasting operation.

Ensure Professional Window Air Conditioner Service

When your system isn’t working, get fast, affordable window AC repair and installation in Yakima Valley from Indoor Air Solutions. Learn more about our services for Yakima, Selah, Union Gap, Naches, Wapato, and Toppenish homes and businesses today.


Yakima Valley

The Yakima Valley, including Yakima, Selah, Union Gap, Naches, Wapato, and Toppenish, offers a community feel and a low cost of living. It also has a rich cultural history, including the Yakima Valley Museum, Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley Community College, Allied Arts Center, Yakima Symphony Orchestra, and Yakima Valley Arboretum. The region is known for its agricultural bounty, including apples, wine, and hops. Indoor Air is proud to keep area residents and businesses cool and comfortable through the busy summer season.

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